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David Hagberg
The true events that inspired
The Hunt For Red October

In 1984, Tom Clancy released his blockbuster novel, The Hunt for Red October, an edge-of-your seat thriller that skyrocketed him into international notoriety. The inspiration for that novel came from an obscure report by a US naval officer of a mutiny aboard a Soviet warship in the Baltic Sea. The Hunt for Red October actually happened, and Boris Gindin lived through every minute of it. After decades of silence and fear, Gindin has finally come forward to tell the entire story of the mutiny aboard the FFG Storozhevoy, the real-life Red October... Click for photo of Soviet Anti Submarine Warship, Krivak I

It was the fall of 1975, and the tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States were climbing. It seemed the two nations were headed for thermonuclear war, and it was that fear that caused most of the crewman of the FFG Storozhevoy to mutiny. Their goal was to send a message to the Soviet people that the Communist government was corrupt and major changes were needed. That message never reached a single person. Within hours the orders came from on high to destroy the Storozhevoy and its crew members. And this would have happened if it weren't for Gindin and few others whose heroism saved many lives.

Now, with the help of USA Today bestselling author David Hagberg, Gindin relives every minute of that harrowing event. From the danger aboard the ship to the threats of death from the KGB to the fear that forced him to flee the Soviet Union for the United States, Mutiny reveals the real-life story behind The Hunt for Red October and offers an eye-opening look at the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War.

Boris Gindin's website... his biography and his reasons for telling his story

"Truth is not only stranger than fiction, but, in the case of Mutiny, a great deal more interesting. A fascinating, first-hand account that unveils a remarkable historical event with the narrative power of a first-rate thriller."
--Ralph Peters, bestselling author of Wars of Blood and Faith

"Communist Russia was the most incomprehensible, vindictive, evil society on earth, yet the dream of escape to a better life was still there, a shimmering, golden phantasm in a bleak, gray world. Hagberg and Gindin have painted a rich, vivid portrait of men who traded everything, including their lives, for a chance to seize that dream."
--Stephen Coonts, bestselling author of The Traitor

Kirkus: "A little known slice of Cold War history, as experienced by an insider and vividly retold by an old pro."

David Hagberg

Due for publication by
Forge Books in May 2008

David Hagberg
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David Hagberg
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