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Dance With the Dragon

The CIA is on edge. All signs indicate that something is coming at the United States. Perhaps another 9/11, maybe bigger.

The body of CIA agent Louis Updegraf ends up on the steps of the US Embassy in Mexico. His last operation was to tap into the communications of the Chinese Embassy, but there is no record of why. He appeared to be freelancing and the Agency must scramble to get a clue as to what he was after.

Kirk McGarvey, serving as a visiting professor at the University of Florida, is once again longing for the action of the field. So when his old friend Otto Rencke asks him to help figure out the connection between China and the murdered agent, it takes almost no effort to get McGarvey up and running.

The only informant they can find is an enigmatic Iranian belly dancer—the dark and lovely Shahrzad Shadmand. But her story changes with the wind, and her knowledge of McGarvey’s past is uncanny. Kirk McGarvey must unravel her shattered mind to get to something that might resemble the truth.

Dance with the Dragon released on September 18, 2007

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In Hagberg's solid 10th thriller to feature ex-CIA director Kirk McGarvey (after Allah's Scorpion ), McGarvey leaves retirement to look into the shooting death of a CIA operative in Chihuahua, Mexico. At the center of the mystery is Chinese superagent Gen. Liu Hung, who from his embassy compound in Mexico City throws lavish parties replete with underage whores for Mexican and U.S. officials. This is an espionage tale of deep intrigue, puzzles wrapped in enigmas, triple crosses and brutal murders perpetrated by ruthless killers-and those are just the CIA guys. At times, the action slows while traditional tradecraft is meticulously described and various characters sit around tables trying to figure out what's really going on. Hagberg is known for being prescient about terrorist events, and the finale sets up the terrifying challenge McGarvey will face in the next installment. One can only hope America's real-life enemies haven't thought to study this series. (Reviewed 2007-07-23)

David Hagberg
Dance of the Dragon
CIA thriller
by David Hagberg
best selling author

David Hagberg
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David Hagberg
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