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THE GOD PROJECT title has now been changed to ABYSS.

The world is running out of useable energy in the form of oil and natural gas, the supplies of which are rapidly dwindling, in the form of coal which pollutes the air we breathe leading toward a runaway greenhouse effect and nuclear fission, the by product of which will remain a horrific threat for more than 100,000 years.

Solar energy is vastly too inefficient with current technologies, as are wind farms, which depend completely on the capricious nature of weather.

But the solution is at hand in the world’s three great ocean currents-the Gulf Stream along the U.S. East Coast all the way to Europe, the Humboldt along the west coasts of South and North America and the Agulhas along the African continent.

A multi-trillion dollar, multi-national World Energy Needs (WEN) project is the result of a series of papers five years ago by Dr. Evelyn (Eve) Larsen in which she proposed placing giant water turbines in the three ocean currents, bringing the power they generate ashore on underwater cables and plugging them into the present day electrical grids, which would have to be greatly expanded as the project developed.

Two problems: The first are the powerful oil factions who want to put a stop to WEN for the simple reason they stand to loose trillions in revenues. They’ll do literally anything to stop the massive project. And most governments, especially the U.S. would be all but powerless to do anything about it. Without oil during the long transition period we would have trouble surviving.

The second is the new al-Quaeda that is at war with the world. The Islamic fundamentalists want to topple the present Saudi royal family, kick all foreigners out of the country and keep the oil revenues for the on-going jihad.

These groups are not above sabotage and murder. Their name for WEN is The God Project with Dr. Larsen the high priestess, because it tampers with God’s design for us. They maintain that within 100 years the earth will go into an ice age that may be deeper and colder than anything ever experienced. All life on the planet would be in mortal danger.

ABYSS is now in production and is scheduled for release June 2011.


A new McGarvey adventure: Castro's Daughter, which will be finished sometime this fall.

Fidel Castro on his deathbed at his compound outside of Havana, summons his illegitimate daughter, Maria Leon who holds the rank of Army Colonel and works for the Cuban Secret Intelligence Service as Director of the Operations Directorate.

Her father has never once acknowledged her, sent her a letter or an email or spoken to her on the phone, and the fact that she’s his daughter is a closely held secret within the government.

But on this night Fidel makes his daughter promise to somehow bring Kirk McGarvey to Havana. Only McGarvey can give us salvation.

Which leads to one of the strangest quests McGarvey has ever undertaken in which he and Otto Rencke pursue a three and a half centuries old mystery of untold billions of dollars in Spanish gold bullion buried somewhere in the New Mexican desert. Gold stolen from the natives across the Caribbean and Latin America and destained for shipment through Havana to Madrid to prop up the failing government. But gold that the Catholic church wanted for itself.

Monks in Mexico City, so the legend goes, wanted some of the gold to remain on this continent, so over a one hundred year period smuggled the treasure to mountain caves and desert hideouts in what today in New Mexico. From the intrigues of a government in shambles in Havana, to the dusty halls of archival records in Mexico City and Seville, McGarvey must stay one step ahead of not only the Cuban intelligence service, but from Mexican drug cartels and even high ranking officials within the CIA who want the fabulous treasure.

UPDATE: Delivered Castro's Daughter Feb. 24th for publication sometime in 2011.


I’m about 150 pages (as of 1 November 2010) in this ecological thriller, the first of two that I’m co-authoring with North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan who is the leading expert in the senate on energy.

We hope to deliver the completed manuscript of book one sometime in the spring.

The basic premise is that carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere will kill us. Like the nuclear clock of the sixties, the CO2 death zone clock is at one minute before Midnight and counting.

Our entire planet is being held HOSTAGE and there is no guarantee that unless something is done soon-something drastic—that the ransom will be paid and the victim rescued.

And as dramatic as that sounds, the situation is closer to reality than even Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was.

One such possibility for our survival is the President’s super secret Dakota District Initiative, which is to our environment what the Manhattan District Project (to develop the atomic bomb) was to ending World War II and saving countless lives.

We can’t do nothing. We have to act now, to at least mitigate the effects of the poisons we are pumping into the air, and end our dependence on foreign oil.

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